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To block cookies or change their settings in Google Chrome, you need to click on the wrench (spanner) on the browser toolbar, then pick ‘Settings’, and ‘Under the Hood’.

In the ‘Privacy’ section you will find ‘Content Settings’. By clicking on ‘Cookies’ you will be given four options:

  • deleting all cookies,
  • allowing cookies by default
  • blocking cookies by default,
  • setting cookie preferences for particular sites or domains.

Mozilla Firefox

To block cookies or change their settings in Firefox, you need to go to: ‘Options’ and then to ‘Privacy’ settings.
Since Firefox accepts cookies by default, select ‘Use Custom Settings for History’. Additional options will show up where you can uncheck ‘Accept Cookies From Sites’.

You may prefer to set exceptions: ‘Accept Third Party Cookies’ and decide how long cookies should be stored (until they expire/ you close the browser/ or to ask you every time).

At the same location, you can also see the list of stored cookies and manually delete the unwanted ones.

You can also delete all cookies, either from the history window or the privacy window.

You can also set permissions for blocking or allowing cookies for single sites via the Permissions tab.


To block cookies or change their settings in Safari you first need to identify the Safari version you are working on because the cookies’ settings are different between the browser versions.

In Safari 5.0 or in its earlier versions, you need to click on ‘Preferences’, then ‘Security’, and ‘Accept Cookies’.

You are able to choose from several restriction options:

  • ‘Always’,
  • ‘Only From Sites You Navigate To’,
  • or ‘Never’.

In Safari 5.1 and its later versions go to ‘Preferences’, then ‘Privacy’, and ‘Block Cookies’. In the ‘Block Cookies’ section choose one of the options:

  • ‘Always’,
  • ‘Never’,
  • or ‘From Third Parties and Advertisers’.

Internet Explorer

To block cookies or change their settings in Internet Explorer, you need to choose ‘Tools’ (or its gear icon), then ‘Internet Options’, and then ‘Privacy’.

For any other web browser, please visit your web browser’s official web pages

You are able to pick from several security settings:

  • ‘Accept All Cookies’,
  • ‘Block All Cookies’,
  • or moderate settings which affect cookie storage based on privacy or analysis if the third parties can contact you without your explicit consent.